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28 days ago

Managed Long Term Care

DOH Names Long Term Care Workforce Training Organizations

Designated Long Term Care Workforce Investment Organizations (LTC WIOs) will partner with MLTCs to help retrain, retain, and recruit LTC health care workers.

7 months ago

Managed Long Term Care

DOH Discusses Minimum Wage Payment Reconciliation

Department of Labor, OMIG part of minimum wage meeting.

10 months ago

Managed Long Term Care

DOH Distributes MLTC Quality Initiative Methodology

Document lists 2017 quality measures to be used and associated points. A second document provides answers to questions posed during the December 2016 MLTC Quality Workgroup meeting.

11 months ago

Managed Long Term Care

DOH Releases MLTC Value-Based Payment Clinical Advisory Group Report

Report provides outline of the Department's plans for MLTC value-based payment. Comments are due by Jan. 9, 2017.

11 months ago

Managed Long Term Care

DOH Issues CFCO Guidelines

Guidance document provides MLTC-specific information on implementing the Community First Choice Option (CFCO).

Managed Long Term Care

Stakeholders Meet on the Future of Integrated Care

Fourth meeting features a robust discussion of reimbursement considerations for managed care models that combine Medicare and Medicaid.

3 days ago

Managed Long Term Care

Managed Long Term Care Quality Work Group Discusses 2018 Measures and Value-Based Payment

DOH announced at the Work Group meeting a commitment of $10 million in 2017 and $50 million in 2020-21 for value-based payment contracting.

11 days ago

Managed Long Term Care

Clinical Advisory Group Subcommittee Meets to Discuss VBP for Medicare-Medicaid Managed Care Plans

The meeting was intended to explore value-based payment arrangements under PACE, MAP, and FIDA plans, but was plagued by technical difficulties. A follow-up meeting will be convened later in the week.

17 days ago

Managed Long Term Care

VBP Bootcamps Coming to a Close

Registration now open for the final session to be held in Uniondale on Nov. 15th.

24 days ago

Managed Long Term Care

Subcommittee Meets on Value-Based Payment for Integrated Managed Care Plans

The Subcommittee will provide input into qualified value-based payment arrangements and quality measures for managed care plans that cover both Medicare and Medicaid benefits.

10 days ago

Managed Long Term Care

MLTC Highlights from November Managed Care Policy & Planning Meeting

DOH provides updates and reminds that comments on partial capitation contract revisions are due Fri., Nov. 17th.

12 days ago

Managed Long Term Care

Next Future of Integrated Care Discussion in Albany on Nov. 16th

Discussion topics at the fourth meeting regarding integrated managed care for those dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid will include payment, outreach, and enrollment.

20 days ago

Managed Long Term Care

CMS Distributes Medicare Part C and D Readiness Resources

2018 readiness checklist for Medicare Advantage Organizations, Prescription Drug Plans, and Cost Plans now available.

25 days ago
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