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Value-Based Payment

Value-Based Payment

MLTC Plans Instructed to Submit Patient Attribution Files by Aug. 1

The Patient Attribution Files represent plan members served by specified providers for purposes of claculating performance on quality measures.

12 hours ago

Value-Based Payment

Value-Based Payment and CFCO Discussed at Managed Care Plan Meeting

DOH stressed value-based payment deadlines and reporting requirements at the monthly managed care plan meeting. It also described upcoming workgroups on Community First Choice Option implementation.

3 months ago

Value-Based Payment

MLTC Quality Work Group Discusses 2018 and 2019 Quality Incentive Changes

DOH proposes minor changes in 2018 and 2019 MLTC Quality Incentive.

6 months ago

Value-Based Payment

DOH Provides Answers to Value-Based Payment Reporting and Penalty Questions

MLTC plans that chose to resubmit value-based payment reports for the period ending March 31, 2018 must do so by August 1, 2018. 

10 months ago

Value-Based Payment

DOH Work Group Discusses Revisions to Value-Based Payment Roadmap

Proposed revisions align MLTC provisions of the Roadmap with previously issued policy directives and also impact social determinants of health interventions.

1 month ago

Value-Based Payment

DOH Explains Next Steps for MLTC Value-Based Payment

In a webinar, DOH provided guidance for the second year of VBP under MLTC, VBP performance adjustments and penalties for MLTC plans, and its strategy for nursing home VBP in 2019.

5 months ago

Value-Based Payment

DOH Proposes New Medicaid Value-Based Payment Model for Nursing Homes

The model would apply only to contracts between partially-capitated MLTC plans and nursing homes.

9 months ago

Value-Based Payment

Social Determinants of Health Webinar Describes Role of CBOs in Value-Based Payment

A DOH webinar released last week provided information for community-based organizations about the roles they can play in supporting value-based payment arrangements and social determinants of health interventions.

11 months ago
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