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Urge the Governor to Re-consider Requirements for Family Visitation

You have asked what can you do and who you can talk to about the nursing home and adult care facility (ACF) visitation restrictions. If you are frustrated by the limitations that have been placed on families and residents, the costs and availability of testing which families are now subject to, and/or the lack of recognition for the quality of life for our seniors, you can call the Governor’s office and urge the State to take a more reasonable approach to family visitation.

The Governor’s office can be reached at this phone number: 1-518-474-8390.

It can be overwhelming making these calls but just be you, speak from the heart and explain what your experience and frustrations have been. These talking points may also be helpful to you on your phone call:

  • Due to your overly strict rules on visitation in nursing homes, I have not seen my loved one since _____.
  • Now in order to visit, I must provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test result repeatedly.
  • These repeated tests are not readily accessible to me and will be cost-prohibitive.
  • Nursing home residents have endured months of isolation from the people they love most and are experiencing emotional distress.
  • I urge you to reconsider this guidance and find a more balanced approach that considers not just the risks of COVID-19, but also the emotional isolation residents are feeling.

For those that would prefer to send an email to the Governor, they can do so using this online form

Although the progress on the issue of visitation is slow, family advocacy is critical to any success we will see in the coming weeks. Keep up the pressure, and thank you for your efforts.