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Urge Lawmakers to Support LHCSA RFO Repealer

Support A.7304 (Gottfried)/ S.6640 (May)

The LHCSA Request for Offers (RFO) repealer legislation, A.7304 (Gottfried)/ S.6640 (May), would repeal last year's budget language which establishes a Request for Offers (RFO) authorization process for all Licensed Home Care Services Agencies (LHCSAs) delivering Medicaid services.  A LHCSA RFO process, if implemented, would allow the State to arbitrarily cap the number of LHCSAs providing Medicaid services in the state, and likely deny many eligible and reputable LHCSAs currently delivering Medicaid services from continuing to operate. This will cause significant disruption to home care services and potentially create barriers to care when more and more people are relying on care and services in the home as people age in place in their homes and the community.

This year's RFO process for fiscal intermediaries (FI) serving the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP), a process similar to the LHCSA RFO process, awarded contracts to only a fraction of FIs serving the CDPAP program, severely limiting FI providers and their services.  Many consumers and FI providers remain concerned about the rationale for determining awardees and the limited number of contracts awarded.  While the most recent state budget reopened the process for additional awards, this process has the potential to severely disrupt the CDPAP program and limit access to care for consumers.  LHCSAs should not be subject to this same process.

LeadingAge NY’s memo of support on the legislation is available here. LeadingAge NY encourages member LHCSAs to enter their info below and email their legislators in support for this bill TODAY!