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Urge Lawmakers to Reject the Nursing Home Case-Mix Cap Budget Proposal

The single largest cut proposed in the Executive Budget would alter how nursing home Medicaid rates are adjusted for acuity. The State expects the provision to save $122.8 million annually, suggesting a provider impact of $245.6 million. While the impact will vary from home to home, on average it would reduce Medicaid rates by more than $9 per day. Medicaid already pays less than the actual cost of providing care.

Medicaid and Medicare efforts to reduce hospital lengths of stay and admissions are raising the acuity level of residents in nursing homes. The impact of this cut would more than wipe out the promised 1.5 percent increase in nursing home rates to help defray ever-increasing staffing costs.

We urge members to be aware of the potential financial impact of this change on their organization and be prepared to strongly advocate against this significant reduction. To assist members in estimating the magnitude of the cut on their home, LeadingAge New York has developed a template that can be downloaded here.

Enter your information below to contact your lawmakers, urging them to reject the nursing home case-mix cut proposed in the SFY 2019-2020 Executive Budget.