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Urge Lawmakers to Reimburse NH/ACF for Costly Testing Mandate

Over the last several months, long-term care providers and the vulnerable populations they serve have been severely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Nursing homes and adult care facilities (ACFs) specifically have faced numerous operational and regulatory challenges around testing, patient protective equipment (PPE), staffing, and more.  

Now that that most regions of the State are moving into Phase II or higher of reopening, the required staff testing for nursing homes and ACFs has been reduced to once per week. This is an improvement from the previous mandate; however, the State must find a way to reimburse providers for the cost of this testing.

At an average cost of $120 per test, a typical nursing home with 200 beds spends over $60,000 each week to meet the testing mandate. For an ACF serving SSI residents, the cost of testing a single staff member represents 80 percent of weekly revenue received for an SSI resident. Providers have had to bear this cost for the last 6 weeks.

Additionally, the costly testing mandate has presented several operational challenges. The time it takes to be tested and further document that testing takes away valuable time that could be used to care for residents. This time is even more valuable due to the Department of Health’s stringent return-to-work requirements, which exceed CDC recommendations and unnecessarily exclude staff from the facility for prolonged periods of time.

New York’s nursing homes and ACFs are under significant pressure and doing their best to protect residents and staff from COVID-19.

Enter your information below to urge the State to provide reimbursement to nursing homes and ACFs to cover the costs of the Executive’s testing mandate, as well as financial relief from the mounting costs of the pandemic!