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Urge Lawmakers to Oppose Deep, Damaging Cuts to MLTC in This Year’s Budget

The Executive Budget proposes $133 million in cuts related to Managed Long Term Care (MLTC) in SFY 2019-20, growing to $148 million in SFY 2020-21. This is on top of cuts enacted in last year’s budget that will already reduce MLTC funding by approximately $200 million in SFY 2019-20. Because Medicaid is such a significant payer in the long term care sector, the proposed MLTC cuts will not only harm plans, but they will also necessarily drive significant revenue reductions for long term care providers. Moreover, the timing and nature of state budget cuts leads to volatility in plan revenue. Rate unpredictability makes it difficult for MLTC plans, including PACE programs, to operate and plan for the future; rate inadequacy puts them and long term care providers at risk.

Enter your information below to contact your lawmakers, urging them to oppose these cuts in MLTC reimbursement and help ensure sufficient funding for long term care services and supports.