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Urge Lawmakers to Invest in LTPAC Workforce Recruitment, Retention, and Training in This Year’s Budget

New York is approaching a demographic crisis. While the percentage of the state’s population over age 65 is growing, the percentage between 18 and 64 is shrinking, leading to a large gap in availability of caregivers to serve a rapidly expanding aging population.

In fact, consumers are already facing gaps in care and services as a result of workforce shortages. These shortages have resulted in long waiting lists for community-based services, an inability to fill authorized home care hours, admission of individuals to higher levels of care due to lack of access to community-based services, an inability to admit nursing home residents with complex medical conditions and/or high supervision needs, and reliance on overtime and staffing agencies.

Faced with current and future demographic challenges, New York must act now to ensure that there is an adequate workforce to meet the needs of its frailest residents.

Enter your information below to contact your lawmakers, urging them to address the workforce needs of the long term care sector and appropriate $50 million in this year’s state budget to support initiatives to train, recruit, and retain the long-term/post-acute care (LTPAC) workforce.