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SSI Increase for ACFs

Support S.4400 (Serino)

Currently, there are approximately 13,000 aging New Yorkers who rely on Congregate Care Level 3 Supplemental Security Income (SSI) to pay for the services they receive in Adult Care Facilities (ACFs) and assisted living settings, at a rate of just under $41 per day per person. This reimbursement rate is roughly half of the average cost of providing ACF services, and as the minimum wage mandate is phased in, this gap will only grow. If ACFs close or cannot afford to continue to serve SSI/Medicaid-eligible seniors, more of these individuals will be placed in nursing homes at a higher cost to the State.

LeadingAge New York is urging legislators to support S.4400 (Serino), a bill that would increase the Level 3 SSI rate by at least $20 per day per resident over five years and institute an annual cost of living adjustment to the State portion of the rate thereafter. 

Enter your information to contact your lawmakers, urging them to support this important legislation! You can also access LeadingAge NY's memo of support here.