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Oppose Further Restrictions on Psychotropic Medications in Nursing Homes and ACFs

Oppose A.7467 (Paulin)/S.466 (Sepulveda)

LeadingAge New York opposes S.466 (Sepulveda), which would require an enhanced level of informed consent before psychotropic medications can be prescribed for residents of skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) or adult care facilities (ACFs). The legislation makes two major changes in an effort to reduce the use of psychotropic medications:

  1. Requires health care professionals to receive written consent from the resident or the resident’s "lawful representative" before ordering or increasing the order of any psychotropic medication; and
  2. Limits all orders for psychotropic medications to 14 days.

The legislation is problematic for SNFs and ACFs and aims to address issues that are largely already taken care of by federal SNF regulations.

Enter your information below to contact your lawmakers, urging them to reject this proposal to further restrict the use of psychotropic medications in skilled nursing and adult care facilities. You can also access LeadingAge NY's memo of opposition here.