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Medication Aides in RHCFs

Support A.6891 (Jenne)

Currently, there are a number of states that utilize medication aides in residential care facilities. In New York, the Department of Mental Hygiene created a program by utilizing an exemption in the Nurse Practice Act that allows for direct care staff, such as CNAs, to administer medication under the supervision of an RN. Under the exemption, a direct care worker is trained by an RN to administer medication and then pass a final examination, as well as a clinical practicum, to become certified as a medication aide. Reports on the program have indicated a high level of success and a decrease in medication errors.

A.6891 (Jenne) would ensure that individuals receiving services, particularly those in less populated areas, would receive proper medication administration from certified aides, allowing more time for the RN to provide direct care at a more efficient rate. Quality of care for patients would increase, as would job satisfaction, wages, and staff retention.

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