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Hospice in the ALP

Support S.1814 (Rivera)

Current Medicaid regulations and payment policy prevent terminally ill residents of Assisted Living Programs (ALPs) from accessing hospice services. As a result, many are forced to leave their home in the ALP and transfer to a nursing home in their last few weeks of life. This end-of-life transfer creates additional burdens on the resident as well as their family during an already difficult time; not only must they cope with the terminal illness, but they must now also acclimate to new surroundings.

Enabling ALP residents to access hospice services in the ALP would help them to remain in a familiar location at the end of life and provide a significant savings for the State's Medicaid program. There were 7,900 individuals being served by ALPs at the end of 2016. It is estimated that if just 10 percent of ALP residents were to remain in the ALP rather than transfer to a nursing home to access hospice services, the Medicaid program would save an estimated $1.3 million. While this savings is compelling, allowing individuals to remain in the place they call home in their last weeks of life is even more valuable.

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