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Family Letter - Urge Lawmakers to Support LTC Providers Still Fighting COVID-19

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency in March of 2020, aging services providers, including nursing homes, assisted living, home care, and senior housing, have faced numerous challenges in keeping the people they serve and their staff safe from COVID-19. It may be difficult to remember now, but for the first several months of the pandemic there was a state-wide shortage of PPE, minimal availability of testing, and very little understanding of coronavirus itself and how it spread. Serving those most vulnerable to COVID, these providers were faced with enormous  challenges. So, it is difficult to understand why the state budget includes cuts to aging services providers now, while we are still actively fighting this pandemic.

This advocacy letter is written with family members and seniors in mind.

Enter your information below to urge State lawmakers to appropriately prioritize and support long-term care providers still fighting COVID-19!