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Capital Funding for Assisted Living Programs

Support A.1612-A (Magnarelli)/S.6319 (Hannon) and A.1650 (Magnarelli)

Assisted Living Programs (ALPs), like many other Medicaid providers, are struggling financially and need financial support to address infrastructure and workforce needs. If given access to capital funds, ALPs could update their environments to better serve people with Alzheimer’s and other dementias and save Medicaid dollars by preventing nursing home placement. Allowing ALPs access to the Health Care Facility Transformation Program and Vital Access Provider (VAP) program, as proposed in A.1612-A (Magnarelli)/S.6319 (Hannon) and A.1650 (Magnarelli), would help them remain financially viable and better serve Medicaid-eligible seniors at no new cost to the state.

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