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DataPoint: Nursing Staff Turnover Rates

The turnover rate for Certified Nurse Aides (CNAs) in a typical nursing home in New York State is 25 percent. However, regional medians vary from a low of 9 percent in New York City to a high of 52 percent in the Buffalo region. Buffalo homes also report the highest RN turnover rate, 53 percent, while the Rochester regional median is 31 percent. The RN turnover rate in New York City is 19 percent while on Long Island, the median is 22 percent. LPN turnover rates vary the least upstate, ranging from 30 percent in the Hudson Valley to 35 percent in Central New York and Rochester. 

This data is compiled by LeadingAge NY from 2013 nursing home cost reports and is more relevant than ever with the Department of Health signaling their intent to add a staff turnover measure to the Quality Pool. Regional nursing staff turnover and retention benchmarks, as well as facility-specific rates, are posted here.  

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