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NH Quality Pool Benchmarker

The attached file allows nursing home members to benchmark individual measures that comprise their 2013 nursing home quality pool scores against regional and sponsorship averages. 

1 year ago


Current Medicaid Enrollment and Utilization

DOH has provided unprecedented access to Medicaid claims data as part of the DSRIP planning process.  

11 months ago


SNF Nursing Staff Turnover and Retention

This file provides updated nursing home staff retention and turnover rates calculated using 2013 Medicaid cost reports.  Regional medians are provided for RNs, LPNs and Aides and an interactive feature allows the user to graph their home's data against that of the region.  Turnover and retention are shown on separate pages.  Click on the title and select "save" to download the file.

2 months ago


CMI Benchmarker

The attached file allows nursing home members to view their Jan. 2013, July 2013 and Jan. 2014 Medicaid Case Mix Index (CMI) compared benchmarks based on region or sponsorship type.

5 months ago


Nursing Home Occupancy

LeadingAge NY analyzed nursing home bed availability reports and produced graphs of regional occupancy trends.  Individual home occupancy is provided here as well. 


10 months ago