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DOH Issues Updated Return to Work Guidance and Direction on Notification of Crisis Strategies

On Jan. 4th, the Department of Health (DOH) released new return to work guidance directed to all health care settings and providers, including nursing homes, adult care facilities (ACFs), and home care. The guidance is intended to clarify when to follow the DOH return to work guidance issued on Dec. 24, 2021 for health care personnel (HCP) and when to follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) return to work guidance for HCP. This guidance supersedes return to work guidance for HCP issued before Dec. 24, 2021. It is noted that the guidance is in flux and may evolve. For LeadingAge NY's matrix on this guidance, click here

Additionally, the guidance notes that transition from conventional to contingency to crisis strategies should be based on ability to provide essential services, as determined by the facility. Facilities should notify DOH if “crisis” strategies are required; individual staff waivers are no longer required. Until further direction is given, facilities should call the Surge and Flex Operations Center at 917-909-2676 to notify DOH of the need to move to “crisis” strategies.

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