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Nursing Homes and Laboratory Services

A number of LeadingAge NY members reported receiving letters from their laboratory service provider indicating that the lab will no longer provide services to nursing homes. The curtailment of lab services to nursing homes is the result of Medicare changes that reduce reimbursement for nursing home lab services. In September, in order to gauge the extent of the issue, the Department of Health (DOH) activated a survey on the Health Commerce System (HCS) to be completed by all nursing home providers.

On Oct. 4th, DOH issued a Dear Administrator Letter (DAL) advising nursing homes of the lab service issue and the steps that they need to take as a result. Even for those providers currently unaffected, the DAL strongly suggests reviewing procedures in the event that current lab services are affected in the future. The DAL also outlines several additional options, including in-house options, that nursing homes may consider in order to provide necessary testing.

DOH also hosted a webinar on the nursing home lab service issue on Oct. 4th. The PowerPoint presentation contains significant information and resources for providers.

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