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DOH Offers Staff Support Training Video

The Department of Health (DOH) Office of Health Emergency Preparedness (OHEP) has shared an announcement for a training entitled "Disaster Mental Health: How Long Has Your 'Check Engine' Light Been On? Enhancing Your Understanding of Yourself and Stress During COVID-19."

As noted in the training announcement, understanding our own early warning signs of emotional trouble (like the check engine light in your car), our personal responses to adversity, and the current state of our overall wellbeing are essential components of being able to help others cope and heal. However, compounded stressors related to the pandemic such as social distancing, facility surges, and limited resources have created challenges for recognizing these early signs of stress and have led to an increase in complex behavioral health risks, including compassion fatigue, caution fatigue, moral injury, and complex grief.

The original training was offered on Thurs., Dec. 17, 2020 by the Office of Mental Health (OMH), but this week the recorded session was released. To register, click the link in the training announcement. OHEP has also shared the slide presentation.

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