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Nursing Homes: Please Verify MDS Data by June 8th

The window to review Minimum Data Set (MDS) information that will be used to calculate the Case Mix Index (CMI) for July 2023 nursing home Medicaid rates is closing. Providers have until June 8th to review the data posted on the Health Commerce System (HCS) to ensure that MDS assessments that should be included are captured and that the correct payer and special population information is reflected.

Homes must email the signed and notarized certification to NFMDS@health.ny.gov within seven days of pressing the “Submit” button indicating that their MDS data is correct. Certifications must be received by the Department of Health (DOH) no later than June 15th. (Note that these due dates are one day later than those shown in the Dear Administrator Letter (DAL) due to a day’s delay at the start of the process). The DAL is available here. A copy of the certification form, which needs to be notarized and submitted by email to NFMDS@health.ny.gov, is available here

We urge members to ensure that the data shown on the HCS is correct and complete to avoid an inaccurate CMI. More information on the process is available in a previous Intelligence article available here.

Contact: Darius Kirstein, dkirstein@leadingageny.org, 518-867-8841