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Medicare Part A Cost Report Updates

Submit and track Medicare Cost Reports electronically.

July 14, 2020


Medicare Cost Report Call

Medicare Part A Cost Report updates to be discussed during July 9th call.

June 23, 2020


Index of Coronavirus Funding Opportunities

LeadingAge NY document lists funding and cash flow relief opportunities available to not-for-profit providers impacted by COVID-19.

April 14, 2020


SNF Claims Incorrectly Cancelled

Certain Medicare claims were incorrectly denied and may require action from SNF providers.

March 24, 2020


SNF PDPM Claims Issue

Claims filed out of sequence are causing reimbursement inaccuracies under PDPM.

March 3, 2020


Medicare SNF 3-Day Rule Billing Resource

CMS has developed a fact sheet on the inpatient hospital stay requirement.

November 21, 2019


President Issues Executive Order on Medicare

In opposition to calls for "Medicare for All," the Order would strengthen "market-based" approaches to Medicare, including broader Medicare Advantage choices, while aligning Medicare fee-for-service rates with Medicare Advantage and commercial insurance payments.

October 8, 2019


SNF 3-Day Rule Billing

SNFs should understand 3-day rule billing requirements to avoid overpayment liabilities.

August 6, 2019


DOH Posts 2018 NHQI Results

Nursing Home Quality Initiative results with quintile cut-points are now available.

July 2, 2019


LeadingAge NY Highlights Challenges Facing Rural Providers at Assembly Hearing

LeadingAge NY urged immediate action to address the growing workforce and reimbursement challenges confronting rural providers of LTPAC and senior services in testimony presented to the Assembly Health Committee on May 31st.

June 4, 2019
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