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Nursing Home Capital Review Deadline Is Fri., May 13th

Fri., May 13th marks the deadline for nursing home providers to review their 2022 capital component calculation and request corrections. The Department of Health (DOH) requests that all homes, even those who agree with the calculation, sign and submit the capital attestation form. In a May 10th call, DOH indicated that they had received responses from about half of the homes in the state. The Department also stressed that any provider whose correction request included the refiling of a cost report needed to make sure that it was accompanied by both CPA and Operator certifications. DOH also asked that providers submit the correct capital calculation and documentation supporting it.

The Dear Administrator Letter (DAL) was issued on March 29th, and the preview 2022 Medicaid capital component calculations are posted to the Health Commerce System (HCS). For more information on the process and links to key documents, please click here. To access the preview rate sheets, sign into the HCS, navigate to the Healthcare Financial Data Gateway section, select the collection of “NH Rate Sheets 4/2009-Forward,” and choose the package named “2022 Capital Preview Rates.”

Members should review their capital calculations as well as their facility’s information in the mortgage database. If no corrections are needed, members should submit the signed attestation form to nfrates@health.ny.gov. If corrections are needed, members should consult the DAL and follow the specified correction process based on the issue being corrected and submit the appropriate documents along with the attestation form.

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