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Nursing Home Capital Preview Rates

The Department of Health (DOH) sent a note to nursing home administrators on Fri., Nov. 19th indicating that the Department is still working to resolve programming issues that have delayed the 2022 capital preview rates that customarily are posted in late summer. While the date that the preview rates will be available is not yet known, DOH is seeking to reassure providers that it will not result in shortened timeframes for providers once the review and attestation process does begin. DOH also intends to include an additional review of the rates before they are posted to help reduce the need for subsequent corrections.

Through the capital preview process, DOH provides nursing homes the opportunity to review their upcoming year’s capital component calculation and provide corrections as needed. Correction requests need to be accompanied by appropriate documentation, and, if history is a guide, DOH will require that all providers attest to their calculation, whether requesting corrections or not. When rates are posted, notification and forms will be sent from the NFrates@health.ny.gov email.

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