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First Health Care Worker Bonus Payments Hit Medicaid Payment System

A number of providers are reporting that the first round of Health Care Worker Bonus (HWB) payments is being made in Medicaid payment cycle 2352, which has a payment release date of Oct. 5th/6th. It is unclear whether this cycle contains funding for all providers who submitted claims or whether the payments will be staggered. The bonus payments and the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) payments seem to be reflected as separate lump sums on the Medicaid remit. Providers should also check the HWB Portal, where they should be able to verify the status of their claims submissions.

With claiming for bonuses based on the second vesting period starting Oct. 1st, we continue to seek additional information from the Department of Health (DOH) on key questions. The last update to program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) was on Aug. 31st, with the most recent presentation slides dated Aug. 26th. We will let members know as soon as additional information is available.

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