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DOH Posts Draft Capital Rate Sheets

On Nov. 1st, the Department of Health (DOH) posted nursing home 2024 Medicaid draft capital preview rate sheets on the Health Commerce System (HCS). Providers have until Dec. 6, 2023 to review the draft rates and submit an attestation indicating that they either agree with the Department’s capital reimbursement calculation or that they are requesting a correction. Correction requests must be accompanied by a completed 2024 Capital Attestation Workbook detailing the correction and submitted by email to NFRates@health.ny.gov. The Attestation Workbook can be downloaded here. The Attestation Form is here, and the associated Dear Administrator Letter (DAL) is here.

A webinar DOH presented last year that provides instructions for completing the Workbook is posted on the HCS as well as on the DOH Medicaid Reimbursement page. The full webinar recording is here, and the slides are here. Please note that draft Adult Day Health Care (ADHC) program capital rates are posted as well, but that DOH is NOT asking facilities to attest to those rates at this time. We encourage members to review their capital calculation for accuracy and to ensure that the Capital Attestation Workbook shows the accurate facility financing information for their home and that any shared savings due to them because of a qualifying refinancing arrangement are appropriately reflected.

In a return to prior practice, DOH posted draft initial January 2024 operating rate sheets as well, although the operating rates shown are the same as the July 2023 rates. The January 2024 operating rates will eventually be updated for case mix, minimum wage, and miscellaneous adjustments. Please note that due to a programming issue, line 7 of the front page of posted specialty rate sheets erroneously indicates that the capital per diem is for 2023, when it is actually the draft 2024 capital rate. Please let us know if you have questions, or email NFRates@health.ny.gov with “2024 NF Notice Rate Inquiry” in the subject line.

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