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DOH Posts 2018 NHQI Results

The detailed 2018 Nursing Home Quality Initiative (NHQI) results are now available on New York State’s Health Data NY website. While homes were informed of their scores previously, the posting provides additional detail, including the 2018 cut-points that separate quintiles for each measure that is scored based on quintiles. Note that the year indicator used in the Health Data display corresponds to the measurement year, meaning 2018 NHQI results are listed as 2017.

DOH has also posted the overall quintile assignments for all homes on the NHQI page of the DOH website. The page includes a listing of those homes that were in the top quintile for each of the last three years. We congratulate members who have achieved this distinction. Also available on that page is the NHQI methodology for 2019, which remains very similar to that used for 2018.

The quality scores are the basis of redistributing $50 million in funding. Homes in the top three quintiles receive a net positive financial impact, while those in the bottom two quintiles receive a negative adjustment. These are expected to be reflected in the payment system as lump sum adjustments later this year, most likely in the fall.

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