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Nursing Homes and ACFs Required to Keep HCS Contact Information Up to Date

The Department of Health (DOH) is reminding nursing homes and adult care facilities (ACFs) of the importance of maintaining current and complete information for facility leadership roles in the Health Commerce System (HCS). Regulations require administrators to maintain up-to-date business and after-hours contact information for facility leadership roles in the HCS Communications Directory. Instructions for doing so, along with a listing of roles that need to be maintained, were provided in a Dear Administrator Letter (DAL) issued in January 2022. The Nursing Home and ACF teams will now be initiating a project to assess compliance with these requirements.

Nursing homes are required to assign individuals to the roles of Administrator, Operator, Medical Director, and Director of Nursing. ACFs must assign individuals to the roles of Administrator and Operator. Only one individual should be assigned to each role, and changes in contact information, including staff changes, should be updated promptly. All phone, email, and text options need to be filled out completely and must include an after-hours cell phone number. The January 2022 DAL is available here.

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