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DOH Offers Nursing Homes Free Infection Prevention Supplies

The Department of Health (DOH) has announced in an informational message that it is making available infection prevention health care supplies to nursing homes at no charge. This is a one-time opportunity to obtain supplies such as COVID-19 rapid antigen tests; personal protective equipment (e.g., masks, gloves, gowns); fit testing supplies; and Glo Germ supplies to support environmental cleaning and disinfection assessments. Nursing homes will be allotted a specific dollar value of supplies, based on their certified bed capacity, but are under no obligation to order.

Orders must be submitted by the new deadline of close of business on Feb. 28, 2024. The DOH informational message contains detailed instructions for submitting the order form beginning on page 5. The DOH message listing the supplies and the monetary value of supplies allotted to facilities by bed capacity is here, and the order form is here. Questions regarding the supplies and ordering process may be submitted to DOH at NH_orders@health.ny.gov.

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