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Two New Roles in UAS-NY User Test Environment

In a Dear Administrator Letter (DAL), The Department of Health (DOH) outlined two new roles in the Uniform Assessment System for New York (UAS-NY) in order to increase communication with targeted staff. The new roles are for the user test application only:

UAS-NY – This role may be for managers and other staff who need to be aware of changes, updates and other information about the implementation of the UAS-NY, but may not need to access it. This role will also have access to several resources in the UAS-NY Training Environment.

UAS-NY IT – This may be for Information Technology (IT) staff who need information about technical, hardware and software changes and updates concerning the UAS-NY Offline Application, but again may not need to access the UAS-NY.

Your HCS Coordinator will need to assign these new roles and issue Trust Level 3 assurance to appropriate staff. Staff will then log on to access the UAS-NY User Test application. 

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