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DOH Issues Transportation Assistance Levels Resources for ACFs and NHs

The Department of Health (DOH) posted information regarding the Transportation Assistance Levels (TALs) on the Health Commerce System (HCS). The TALs provide a universally recognized scale for the rapid assessment of transportation assistance needs of residents during a non-emergent planned evacuation. TALs can be useful for the logistical planning and movement of transportation modalities (i.e. buses, vans, ambulances) during the evacuation of a health care facility or for a homebound person. The TALs allow staff to assess the transportation needs of an individual and assign them to one of three designations in order to facilitate evacuation. The TALs look at the mobility level of the individual, which may influence the number of staff needed to transport residents, the type of movement device required, the area individuals are relocated to and the type of transportation required for evacuation. We have provided, for your convenience, the following documents:  

These documents are also posted on the HCS, and can be accessed by signing on and going to:

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