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Legislative Position Memos

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Legislative Position Memos

A.10836 (Cruz)/S.8633-B (May)

LeadingAge New York supports this legislation, which would establish a long-term care (LTC) task force to examine the state of facility-based, home-based and community-based LTC services in the State and consider potential opportunities for improvement. 

July 23, 2020

Legislative Position Memos

A.10799 (Hevesi)/ S.8764 (Rivera)

LeadingAge New York opposes this legislation which would codify NY regulations and federal law as they relate to the transfer and discharge of patients from nursing homes. While its intent is laudable, the legislation itself is unnecessary and will only add to the significant compliance burden nursing homes are already experiencing.


July 21, 2020

Legislative Position Memos

A.10486 (Gottfried)/ S.8403 (Rivera)

LeadingAge supports this legislation.  This bill would allow the latter threshold for PCS services to include patient populations, in addition and very similar to those with Alzheimer's and dementia - particularly individuals with traumatic brain injury, cognitive impairment, developmental disability, blindness, or visual impairment.

July 20, 2020

Legislative Position Memos

A.10840 Rules (Kim)/S.8835 (Sepulveda)

LeadingAge New York strongly opposes A.10840/S.8835, which narrows the scope of important protections under the Emergency or Disaster Treatment Protection Act. This bill would subject providers to liability for good faith actions taken under crisis conditions to prevent transmission of the virus, to arrange for care, and to deliver care to non-COVID patients. 


July 16, 2020

Legislative Position Memos

A.8270-A (Dinowitz)/S.8461 (Sanders)

The bill would require nursing homes and the Department of Health (DOH) to prominently post Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) 5-star ratings on their respective websites, and require nursing homes to prominently display their 5-star ratings onsite at the facility for residents and the public.


May 29, 2020

Legislative Position Memos

A.10451 (Gottfried)/S.8361 (Rivera)

LeadingAge NY vocalizes concerns on this bill, which would require payment of claims submitted under contract or agreement with Medicaid Managed Care and Managed Long Term Care (MLTC) plans for home and community based long term services and fiscal intermediaries to include reimbursement for expenses relating to the provision of Personal Protective Equipment for direct care workers and care recipients, and for an emergency inventory of a 90 day supply of PPE.

May 22, 2020

Legislative Position Memos

A.10394-A (Lentol)/S.8289-B (Salazar)

This legislation is intended to require nursing homes to prepare an annual pandemic emergency plan. 

May 14, 2020

Legislative Position Memos

A.2798-A (Gottfried)/S.1890-A (Rivera)

This bill would allow individuals with traumatic brain injuries (TBI) or who qualify for nursing home diversion and transition (NHTD) Medicaid waiver services to continue to receive such services outside of managed care programs. LeadingAge NY supports this legislation.

April 15, 2020

Legislative Position Memos

A.4416-C (Gottfried)/S.3460-A (Rivera)

Requires an annual audit of facilities that receive funds under the EQUAL program, increases maximum civil penalties for ACF violations from $1,000 per day to $5,000 per violation per day, and authorizes a pre-hearing suspension or limitation of an ACF’s operating certificate in cases of imminent danger to residents.

March 19, 2020

Legislative Position Memos

A.7854 (Gottfried)/S.5605 (Rivera)

This legislation adds the record of each home care worker's required annual in-service training to the Home Care Worker Registry, helping to expedite the hiring process of new home care workers. 

June 21, 2019
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