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Legislative Position Memos

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Legislative Position Memos

A. 5970 (Burdick)/S. 1106 (Stewart-Cousins)

LeadingAge New York opposes this legislation which would place substantial limitations on a landlord’s ability to terminate the tenancy of seniors residing in certain housing facilities. 

May 24, 2021

Legislative Position Memos

S.6611 (May)

LeadingAge New York opposes this legislation which would enable the DOH to establish publicly reported quality standards for Assisted Living Residences (ALRs), Enhanced Assisted Living Residences (EALRs), and Special Needs Assisted Living Residences (SNALRs), and requires that these quality measures be reported annually. 

May 21, 2021

Legislative Position Memos

A.7532 (Gottfried)/S.5008 (Reichlin-Melnick)

LeadingAge New York shares concerns with this legislation, which carries good intent but goes too far by making adult care facilities subject to both the authority of the department and, on the accusation of any resident, the courts. 

May 20, 2021

Legislative Position Memos

A.7304 (Gottfried)/S.6640 (May)

LeadingAge New York supports the repeal of Section 3605-c of the Public Health Law which requires Licensed Home Care Services Agencies (LHCSAs) in the State to undergo a Request for Offers (RFO) process to provide Medicaid home care services.?

May 17, 2021

Legislative Position Memos

A.1010-A (Bronson)/S.2022-A (May)

LeadingAge NY has concerns about this bill, which would require the Department of Health to post on the Department’s website the results of any inspection conducted in a nursing home within 30 days.

May 10, 2021

Legislative Position Memos

A.6329 (Gottfried)/ S.5734 (May)

LeadingAge NY voices concerns about this bill, which would establish a base wage rate for home care workers at 150% of the current minimum wage or other set minimum rate, and directs the commissioner of health to set regional minimum rates of reimbursement for home care aides under Medicaid and managed care plans.


May 1, 2021

Legislative Position Memos

A.7119 (Gunther)/S.6346 (Rivera)

LeadingAge NY opposes this legislation, which amends the Public Health Law to impose minimum daily hours requirements for nurses and certified nurse aides in nursing homes.  

April 26, 2021

Legislative Position Memos

A.6966 (Bronson)/S.6203(May)

This bill amends provisions of law enacted through Chapter 89 of 2021. LeadingAge New York’s members share the concerns the underlying legislation seeks to address. However, we have additional concerns regarding this bill's provision for the adoption of regulations on an emergency basis without the opportunity for public input and comment. 

April 20, 2021

Legislative Position Memos

A.2536 (Weinstein)/S.3523-A (Parker)

Prevents the use of property guardianships under Article 81 of the Mental Hygiene Law by nursing homes and other providers to pursue payment from incapable residents for their services, when the residents or their representatives fail to pay for such services.

April 16, 2021

Legislative Position Memos

A.6057-A (Burke) /S.1783-A (Skoufis)

LeadingAge New York opposes this legislation which would require the Department of Health (DOH) to establish and implement an infection control competency audit, establish infection control competency standards, and require implementation of a checklist for residential care facilities nursing homes. 

April 14, 2021
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