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National Report Examines Long Term Care

The National Center for Health Statistics has released a report analyzing most recent long term care use data.  The report, Long-Term Care Services in the United States: 2013 Overview, presents results from the first wave of the National Study of Long-Term Care Providers.  It notes that in 2012, about 58,500 paid, regulated long term care services providers served about eight million people in the U.S.  Each day in 2012, there were 273,200 participants enrolled in adult day services centers, 1,383,700 residents in nursing homes, and 713,300 residents in residential care communities; in 2011, about 4,742,500 patients received services from home health agencies, and 1,244,500 patients received services from hospices.

In providing a national profile of both providers and users of long term care services, the report finds significant regional differences.  Nursing home and adult day service use was higher in New York than the national average, use of residential care communities and hospice was lower, while home care use was very similar to the national use rate.  The complete report is available here.

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