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DOH Posts DSRIP Data Workbooks

To assist providers in developing Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) grant applications, DOH has posted regional and county use data for several Medicaid services on the DOH DSRIP web page. The data books are Excel files that list the top Medicaid service providers in each region.  Each regional file is comprised of individual pages for each county in the region. Each county page lists the top 50 Medicaid providers in the county, the number of Medicaid patients served by that provider and a measure of volume of Medicaid services provided. Each file also contains a regional summary.

The files focus on four service categories:  inpatient (reported discharges); clinic (Medicaid claims submitted); emergency room (count of visits); and practitioner (Medicaid claims for procedures, tests, etc.). There are two sets of regional workbooks: one that arranges the data by the county where the service provider is located, the second that arranges the data based on the county that pays for the service, a good proxy for the county where the Medicaid recipient resides.

DOH believes these data will assist providers seeking to form DSRIP networks gain a better understanding of who the key Medicaid providers are in each region. Links to some other DOH data sources, such as hospital and managed car performance reports and population health indicators, are also provided on the same web page. The state intends to post additional Medicaid data in dashboard format in June. Recent developments regarding the state’s Medicaid Waiver and DSRIP are described here.   

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