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DataPoint: Nursing Home Booster Vaccination Rates

Since the COVID-19 vaccine boosters became available in late September, the median booster vaccination rate among nursing home residents has increased to 59 percent statewide as of Nov. 30, 2021, according to data from the Department of Health (DOH) analyzed by LeadingAge NY. During the same time, the median booster vaccination rate among direct care staff was 12 percent. The data revealed differences based on sponsorship. The median booster vaccination rate for residents in non-profit homes was 74 percent, which was 23 percent higher than in proprietary homes. The resident booster vaccination rate was lower than 30 percent in 7 percent of non-profit homes, while 23 percent of proprietary homes managed low rates. A similar trend was found among direct care staff, with a median vaccination rate of 17 percent in non-profit homes and 10 percent in proprietary homes. Nursing home residents in the Rochester region had the highest median booster vaccination rate (77 percent), while direct care staff in the Central New York region were most likely to receive a booster dose (16 percent). In contrast, homes in the New York City region displayed a median booster vaccination rate of 47 percent among residents and 10 percent among direct care staff; both were the lowest statewide.

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