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DataPoint: NH Deficiencies as of September 2017

Based on the most recent survey of each nursing home in the state, eight of the 10 most commonly found deficiencies as of September 2017 were also included in the 10 most commonly found deficiencies as of September 2016. Statewide, total deficiencies decreased 14 percent in the one-year timespan. Food storage and safety remained the most frequently found citation, with 6 percent of all citations statewide, and it was the most common citation in four of the seven New York State regions. The next regularly found deficiency was the management and monitoring of drugs/medications. Medication management was regularly cited in each region and represented 5.6 percent of all deficiencies. Assisting residents who need help with eating/drinking, grooming, and personal/oral hygiene was uniquely prevalent in the Rochester region and was its most frequently cited deficiency. It was insignificant in virtually all other regions, however.

The regional and statewide analysis was based on health surveys performed in the 15-month period ending in September 2017. The top 10 report can be found here. The average number of deficiencies by region is available here.

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