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Electric Surface Defender

Electrostatic Disinfection Process – the process of spraying an electrostatically positive charged mist onto surfaces and objects. Disinfecting and sanitization of surfaces are of high priority to any business.

There are various disinfecting processes that are available. However, the electrostatic disinfecting process is different in that electrostatic application causes droplets of both the disinfectant agent and the antimicrobial cleaner to produce a mist that wraps around all surfaces and coats in a way that human hands simply cannot touch. The combination of the electrostatic charge and the cleaner we have chosen, creates droplets that cling to every surface, most of which are hard to reach areas.

The electrostatic disinfecting process is now being used by Airlines, hospitals, nursing homes and EMS systems. We are confident that using this process would be beneficial in protecting employees and patients alike.


Jack Fleischmann

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