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The Accushield kiosk can do the following things mandated in the recently released DOH SNF Visitation Guidance Mandate.

Documentation of screening must be maintained onsite in an electronic format and available upon the Department’s request for purposes of inspection and potential contact tracing. Documentation must include the following for each visitor to the nursing home:

i.. First and last name of the visitor;

ii. Physical (street) address of the visitor;

iii. Daytime and evening telephone number;

iv. Date and time of visit; v. Email address, if available; and

vi. A notation indicating the individual cleared the screening (both temperature and questions) that does not include any individual temperatures or other individual specific information.


Charles Mann, Founder

214.616.6944 / charles@accushield.com

2030 Powers Ferry Rd SE, Suite 360

Atlanta, GA 30339