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Dec. 27th COVID-19 Update

New COVID-19-related updates for providers of long-term/post-acute care (LTPAC) and senior services continue to be shared on a regular basis by both state and federal authorities. The latest developments are described below.

As a reminder, LeadingAge NY continues to convene weekly webinars on Mondays at 11 a.m. to address emerging questions on COVID-19. A recording of our most recent webinar, held on Tues., Dec. 27th due to the Christmas holiday, is available here, and a list of the items shared by LeadingAge NY staff in the webinar chat can be accessed here. If you have questions for next week’s update, which will be held on Tues., Jan. 3rd at 11 a.m. due to the New Year’s holiday, or would like the access information, please contact Jeff Diamond.

Cross-Sector Updates

Governor Extends Health Care Workforce Emergency

On Dec. 23rd, Governor Hochul extended the health care workforce emergency by issuing Executive Order (EO) 4.16. This EO continues, until Jan. 22, 2023, the workforce flexibilities previously granted to health care providers in EO 4 and EO 4.1. Click here for more information.

Adult Care Facility (ACF)/Assisted Living (AL) Updates

DOH Issues Updated ACF COVID-19 Guidance

On Dec. 23rd, the Department of Health (DOH) issued updated COVID-19 guidance for ACFs. The guidance is directed to all ACFs, including all categories of ACF and AL licensure. Members are encouraged to review the guidance carefully; however, a summary is provided here. The most notable change is the long-awaited update to guidance regarding isolation and exposure for staff and residents to reflect Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations.

Affordable Housing/Independent Living Updates

HUD’s COVID-19 Test Kit Ordering Portal Is Now Live

LeadingAge National, the White House COVID-19 Response Team, and the Departments of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Health and Human Services (HHS) have teamed up to offer a free COVID-19 test kit ordering portal for Section 202 providers. Click here for more information.