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Blended Online TNA to CNA Training Program Approved

The New York State Department of Health has approved a blended online nurse assistant course, How to be a Nurse Assistant, to transition temporary nurse aides (TNAs) to certified nurse aides (CNAs).  Developed by AHCA, the course enables students to complete all of the didactic work online with an online state-approved instructor monitoring and assisting students. The lab and clinical hours are completed at the facility with their state-approved onsite instructor. The online instructor works closely with the facility instructor.

The curriculum is cross-walked with state-specific regulations to ensure that all components are met. Any additional state requirements are added to the course. This program allows the facility or organization to customize the class to include facility-specific culture components. The course can be customized from two to six weeks in length, determined by the facility. Assignments are broken down depending on the length of the course.

Students can access the course from their tablets, PCs, or smartphones when connected to the internet. The course was designed to allow students the flexibility and convenience to take the course while continuing with life. Students can complete the assignments around their home and work schedules. The blended online approach allows ancillary staff the capability of not only enrolling in the program, but also continuing to work as they take the course. The link to sign up for more information is available here.

The course is ONLY approved in New York State for the transition of the TNA to CNA training, which will “expire” on Oct. 7th. The requirement for 75 hours will be met: 24 hours didactic and 16 hours lab/clinical if the TNA has met the requirements: 30 days working or 150 hours as a TNA to receive the 35 hours of work credit.

Members are encouraged to reach out to Amy Nelson with any questions.

Contact: Amy Nelson, anelson@leadingageny.org, 518-867-8383 ext. 146