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Improve Cash Flow for Non-Profits

The team at Comprehensive A/R Solutions has perfected a billing and collections model that addresses the need for increased cash flow for operations and to allow facilities to invest in resident care.

Comprehensive is offering the following means of support to LeadingAge NY members:

  • Schedule a meeting or Zoom call to understand facility issues and help find solutions through Comprehensive services or other referrals;
  • Schedule an A/R consultation with a full review of current and old balances across all payor sources;
  • Conduct an A/R comparison to the extensive Comprehensive facility list of clients of like size and demographics to understand the potential in partnering with Comprehensive.

Facilities that have partnered with Comprehensive have seen improvements to their cash flow in less than three months. Members can use the extra capital to invest further in what they do best: providing high-level care to their resident base.

For more information or to set up a consultation, contact Israel Rosenberg at israelr@comphcs.com or Michael Hirsch at michaelh@comphcs.com.