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LeadingAge New York Unveils 2018 Public Policy Agenda

The LeadingAge NY Board of Directors has approved the Association’s 2018 public policy agenda, which will guide the Association’s legislative, regulatory, and policy work next year. The agenda is based on at-large member input received during the fall, outstanding agenda items from prior years, and recommendations from the LeadingAge NY Cabinets and Board of Directors.

The agenda includes several cross-cutting initiatives as well as objectives applicable to the various service lines represented by the LeadingAge NY Cabinets. The overall themes reflected in the agenda include: (1) preserving existing funding streams; (2) making strategic, targeted investments in long term and post-acute care services; (3) eliminating/avoiding excessive regulatory mandates; (4) promoting flexibility; and (5) expanding needed services. LeadingAge NY adjusts its policy objectives during the year in response to changes in the external environment and member needs.

LeadingAge NY appreciates all the member feedback received on our 2018 public policy agenda.

Contact: Dan Heim, dheim@leadingageny.org, 518-867-8866