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Health Commerce System Mobile App

The Department of Health (DOH) Health Commerce System (HCS) provides routine and emergency communications to the health care community via the Integrated Health Alert Network System. To augment the communications system, DOH is now implementing a Health Alerts Mobile application.

This new “app” allows HCS subscribers to access the last 50 HCS notifications posted to the HCS Important Health Notifications on a mobile device.

According to DOH, highlights of the app include:

  • access to public notifications, heretofore only accessible via an emailed link without login;
  • uses your HCS ID and password to login and access unviewed, protected notifications, heretofore only found on the HCS homepage; and
  • stores a copy of any viewed notifications on your device that you can view again at any time without needing to login.

To access the app, log into the HCS using your mobile device where a mobile app button should appear. Click on this button and then scroll down and click on "Install." The process should be automatic at this point.

Contact: Patrick Cucinelli, pcucinelli@leadingageny.org, 518-867-8827