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Vital Healthcare Capital Offers Sustainability and Innovation Financing for the LTPAC Sector

Vital Healthcare Capital (V-Cap), a new, non-profit social impact loan fund, is pursuing opportunities to provide flexible financing for long-term/post-acute care providers serving low-income individuals and communities. V-Cap was established to support better integrated care for vulnerable populations across the continuum of care and good jobs for the frontline healthcare workforce, in a rapidly changing healthcare environment. 

With LeadingAge NY members, V-Cap is interested in exploring where loans may be needed to support key components of the continuum of care. Areas of interest include the expansion of integrated care models such as PACE, specialized post-acute services in low-income communities, and filling critical gaps such as geriatric behavioral health and Medicaid assisted living. V-Cap is interested in identifying near term opportunities where it could be a useful financial partner to LeadingAge NY members, as well as longer term capital needs that may require specialized or non-conventional sources of financing.

V-Cap’s loan fund currently can provide facilities, business, and bridge lending of up to $5 million for organizations and projects serving low-income populations. V-Cap launched in conjunction with an investment in a pioneering model of care for Medicare-Medicaid dually eligible individuals, funded in partnership with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. It is seeking to build on that initial investment in quality care for the most vulnerable beneficiaries.

Said V-Cap CEO Steven Weingarten, “Developing sustainable and person-centered care for the low-income frail elderly, people with disabilities, and other vulnerable populations continues to be among the most important challenges in the changing healthcare system. V-Cap formed to partner with providers who have emerging and continuing needs for flexible financing.”

LeadingAge NY members interested in learning more about V-Cap’s loan programs are encouraged to visit www.vitalcap.org. You may also contact Montsine Nshom, Co-Director of Community Healthcare Investments, at mnshom@vitalcap.org.

Contact: Karen Lipson (klipson@leadingageny.org) or Dan Heim (dheim@leadingageny.org) at 518-867-8383.