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HUD Announces Supportive Services Demonstration for Senior Housing

A long-anticipated Demonstration program has been announced that will test the effectiveness of Housing Plus Supportive Service programs in senior housing. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) released last week a notice of funding availability for the Supportive Services Demonstration for Elderly Households in HUD-Assisted Multifamily Housing, a $15,000,000 program that will provide funding for "enhanced service coordinators" in senior developments. 

“Elderly persons who have access to affordable, safe and accessible housing, who practice healthy behaviors, take advantage of wellness, preventive and long-term care services and supports, and those who continue to engage with family and friends are more likely to achieve better health outcomes, live independently, age in place and incur fewer health-related costs," said the notice. 

HUD intends to make 40 awards to organization to provide the enhanced services. There will be 40 additional contracts awarded to organizations that will continue to provide services to residents at current levels, with no increase or enhancement in services. These organizations will be compensated for participating in the study.

The Demonstration was proposed and spearheaded by LeadingAge. The LeadingAge Center for Housing Plus Services has actively promoted studying the positive impacts of non-medical, health-related support services in senior housing. The program is modeled after SASH -- Support and Services at Home -- a CMS funded pilot program in Vermont that has proven the effectiveness of such health/housing partnerships in reducing health spending among elderly living in senior housing.

LeadingAge New York will provide an in-depth analysis of the NOFA, in the context of New York State statutes, in early February. Applications are due on April 18, 2016.

Contact: John Broderick, jbroderick@leadingageny.org, 518-867-8835