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Proposed NYC Zoning Changes Could Help Senior Housing

Senior housing developments usually have enough parking spaces for most residents to have cars, but many seniors especially low income seniors in affordable developments, no longer own cars. It is not uncommon to see huge empty parking lots outside of HUD Section 202 developments, especailly in dense urban areas. 

Mayor Bill DiBlasio has proposed sweeping changes to New York City's zoning regulations which would, among other things, make it easier for senior developments to build new housing units on underutilized parking lots.

The proposed changes are part of an initiaitve called Zoning for Quality and Affordability (ZQA). The NYC Planning Commission is expected to approve the changes, which will then be taken up by the New York City Council. LeadingAge New York has joined with other affordable housing advocates and developers to support the proposals.

The ZQA would change allowable building heights for new buildings that had larger first floors, which would better accomodate commercial growth on ground floors. It would change required square footage for senior housing, which would enable developers to build smaller units, more appropriate for seniors, in ways that allow efficiently designed buildings.

The New York City Council is expected to take up the ZQA initiative, along with the related Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning proposal, in Febraury. LeadingAge New York's testimony can be found here

Contact: John Broderick, jbroderick@leadingageny.org, 518-867-8835