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LHCSA Statistical Report Due Nov. 3rd

The Department of Health (DOH) has issued a Dear Administrator Letter (DAL) announcing the activation of the 2016 Licensed Home Care Services Agency (LHCSA) Statistical Report, as well as the Assisted Living Program (ALP) LHCSA Statistical Report. Both reports are due by Nov. 3, 2017. The report will not be available on the Health Commerce System (HCS) after Nov. 3rd.

ALPs that have LHCSAs that serve the community and their ALP must complete both reports, whereas ALP LHCSAs that serve only the ALP must complete only the ALP LHCSA Statistical Report.

The DAL provides detailed instructions, and DOH is also developing a webinar to assist providers in completing the report. The webinar will be made available soon via an email from DOH. Click here to view the DAL.

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