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2018 LHCSA Statistical Reports and Registration Form to Be Released Soon on Healthcare Financial Data Gateway

The 2018 Licensed Home Care Services Agency (LHCSA) Statistical Report and 2018 Assisted Living Program (ALP) LHCSA Statistical Report will be released on the Healthcare Financial Data Gateway on the Health Commerce System (HCS) in the next few weeks. Both reports contain the form to register the LHCSA with the Department of Health (DOH) for the year 2020. Below is information for LHCSAs that did not register or registered late for 2019.

LHCSAs that have not registered for 2019:

LHCSAs that did not register for the year 2019 will not be allowed to register for 2020 until the 2019 registration is submitted and the associated fee is paid. The 2019 registration form will be available until the 2020 form is released. After the 2020 registration form is released, any agencies that are not registered for 2019 must contact the Department at HCStatRpt@health.ny.gov to make arrangements to register late and pay the associated fees.

LHCSAs that registered late for 2019:

Any agencies that registered after Dec. 1, 2018 must pay the applicable fee for registering late ($500 per month from December until the month the agency registered). Agencies that have not paid their fees will not be allowed to register for 2020 until the fees are paid.

If you have any questions, please send them to HCStatRpt@health.ny.gov.

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