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Home Care Cost Report Activity

Last week, the Department of Health (DOH) and its contractor KPMG held a session to relaunch the roll-out of a new Home Care Cost Report that will be required for licensed home care services agencies (LHCSAs), non-hospital-based certified home health agencies (CHHAs), and fiscal intermediaries (FIs).

During this session, DOH reviewed the purpose of the cost report and activities that will lead to its submission by organizations, including a statewide outreach session and web-based tool walk-through videos in early June, monthly statewide sessions from June to October, an audit webinar in mid-August, and a submission deadline of Oct. 31st.

On June 2nd, DOH held its outreach webinar, which offered a review of the cost report and schedulessimilar to the in-person programs held by DOH and KPMG across the state in early 2020. A recording of the webinar will be available on the URL platform after providers receive their login credentials to access the cost report web-based tool.

KPMG will be emailing the login credentials to agencies on June 3rd. The email will come from the following address: no-reply@avii.com. All agencies should ensure that this message is not blocked by their office email filters. If agencies do not receive this message on June 3rd, they should send an email to us-advrisknyshc@kpmg.com. Agencies can also request that others in their agency or a consultant be given login credentials by sending an email to us-advrisknyshc@kpmg.com after June 3rd.

KPMG has stated that it will not be executing full desk and field audit assignments for the 2019 cost report. Audit procedures will focus on compliance and provider education, not rate adjustments. The audit period is November through December 2020, though KPMG will begin conducting audits before November for those agencies that submit the cost report early.

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