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DOH Announces Awardees to Serve as Fiscal Intermediaries Under CDPAP Program

The Department of Health (DOH) recently announced the awardees for the Contract Request for Offers (RFO) #20039 relating to Fiscal Intermediaries (FIs) seeking to deliver services under the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP). Members may recall that this process was set forth in the 2019-20 State Budget to consolidate the FI provider market. We expected this announcement earlier in 2020, but the pandemic prevented the process from moving forward. The list of contract awardees is available here.

DOH issued new guidance on the transition process, available here, which is an update to the March 6, 2020 transition guidance. The authorization process significantly consolidates the FI market, though the process does allow for retention of additional FIs, which will now serve as Collaborating Partners under a Lead FI. This balance will hopefully provide for a more stable transition and geographic availability of FI providers throughout the state.

The guidance addresses notification of the transition to consumers, personal assistants, and Managed Long Term Care (MLTC) plans or Local Departments of Social Services (LDSSs) by FIs per the following scenarios:

  1. Current FIs that were not awarded a contract that elect to cease FI operations prior to the Contract Notification Date
  2. Current FIs that were not awarded a contract that elect to continue FI operations until the Contract Notification Date

Within these two scenarios requiring Current FIs to cease operations, there are three types of Current FIs that will have to transition consumers to Department-contracted Lead FIs depending on their actions taken under the RFO, as follows:

  1. Current FIs that submitted an offer under the RFO as a Lead FI and were not awarded a contract;
  2. Collaborating Partners of contracted FIs; and
  3. Current FIs that did not submit an offer as Lead FI under the RFO nor were a Collaborating Partner in any offer made in response to the RFO.

FIs that cease operations prior to the Contract Notification Date will be required to take the various notification steps set forth in the guidance (via provided template documents) to assist various entities in transitioning to new FIs. LDSSs and MLTCs will also have a role in this process. If FIs continue operations until the Contract Notification Date, DOH will carry out the various notification requirements.

The Department indicates that it may issue additional transition policies and procedures and notices to draw on the ability of managed care plans and LDSSs to assist before or during the 90-day period following the posting of contracted FIs to the website to ensure seamless continuity of services for CDPAP consumers.

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