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DAL Reminds Providers of Aide Training Verification

The Department of Health (DOH) has issued a Dear Administrator Letter (DAL) and recirculated a 2011 Home Care Registry (HCR) Advisory relating to the hiring of Personal Care Aides (PCAs), Home Health Aides (HHAs), and Advanced Home Health Aides (AHHAs). Agencies that are reviewing individuals as potential employees as PCAs, HHAs, and AHHAs should review all available requisite materials to determine that the individual has received training from an approved DOH or State Education Department (SED) training program.

The requisite materials may include the certificate of completion (if available) but must include the HCR aide profile. Aides are not required to provide the hiring agency with a copy of their certificate for employment purposes if they are listed in the public view on the HCR. Likewise, providers are not required to validate the certificates or training of aides already listed in the public view on the HCR. The fact that they are listed in the public view is sufficient. All documentation that was reviewed for a position should be included in the aide’s personnel file and be available to surveyors upon request. Further clarification is provided in an addendum regarding aides who were trained prior to Sept. 25, 2009 and are/are not listed on the HCR, and when aides were trained on or after Sept. 25, 2009.

Licensed Home Care Services Agencies (LHCSAs), Long Term Home Health Care Programs (LTHHCPs), Certified Home Health Agencies (CHHAs), Hospices, and Enhanced Assisted Living Residences (EALRs) should familiarize themselves with the policy and the attached advisory.

Any questions regarding this information should be sent to hcreg@health.ny.gov.

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